Monday, April 6, 2009

Science Comics!

Comics in the language arts classroom isn't such a radical idea these days, but what about in your biology lab? I think its well past time we show our science teachers some comic book love...

Last year I introduced a good friend and colleague (who teaches high school biology and physical science) to a great comic called "Two-Fisted Science."

TFS contains a series of vignettes which introduce readers to important scientific minds from throughout history. My friend the science teacher uses this book to introduce relevant scientists at the beginning of new units or topics.

Some of the stories are better than others, but it seems that overall TFS makes for a nice break from the textbook sidebar biography.

*I think its important to mention that my science friend also uses the Mac application "Comic Life" for reports on communicable viruses (see above)...Be sure to check out the link to the "Comic Life Tutorial" under the "Great Sites" section of this blog!

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